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Community, connections, solutions - ePals, the global platform for learning online.
ePals is a Global Community of collaborative learners, teachers, and academic experts in 200 countries and territories.
ePals provides Connections to students, classes, and school districts worldwide that are safe and secure.
ePals is the safe and protected solution for linking classes, schools, and school districts globally via ePals SchoolMail™, ePals SchoolBlog™, and Classroom Match.
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  • This website was created to aid educators in finding valuable resources and information on new ways to integrate leading-edge technology into your school. Additionally, this site focuses on a very important area in education: STEM content areas. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are key components of our educational infrastructure. Great attention is being placed on these areas as the need for improvement and advancement are becoming overwhelmingly critical for our students.
  • This site demonstrates how Apple’s iPod touch mobile device and other Apple equipment can be infused into the curriculum not just during school hours, but anytime and anywhere. These devices allow students to take ownership of their learning and are providing them with authentic and real-time educational opportunities.
  • There is something here for everyone, even if STEM content areas are not your focus. Here at podstemic, you will find how to manage these devices, how to use third party equipment in conjunction with these devices, and much more!
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Free Technology for Teachers

Free Technology for Teachers: 10 Sources of Educational Science Games

Ways to use Wallwisher in the classroom

Cybrary Man's Educational Websites

I Education Apps Review

  • A search tool presenting results from a large number of websites in different visual ways.
  • Type in a word and watch the magic begin!

Facebook: Safety for Educators
  • Answers to commonly asked questions about internet safety for students and this social networking site

ePub Bud: ePublish Yourself

Building Schoolwide Literacy with Free Web 2.0 Tools

Internet Safety Resources

Online interactive workshop tools: 21st Century Schools: Learning in the Digital Age